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The Somber Rage Behind Those Eyes




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The Avengers fancast

Natalie Martinez as Captain America

Lucy Liu as Iron Man

Lyndie Greenwood as Black Widow

Rosario Dawson as Hulk

Michelle Rodriguez as Thor

Dichen Lachman as Hawkeye

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Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

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My life since I discovered the internet. #9gag

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Elbaite var. Watermelon Tourmaline
San Diego County, California

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Fungal endocarditis (Candidiasis)

The photo is from an immunocomprised patient with a fungus ball attached to the posterior
leaflet of the mitral valve and to the chordae. Such a lesion predisposes to embolism.

An embolism is a mass (blood clot, air bubble, fat blob, anything) that somehow gets into the blood stream and floats around until it gets stuck in a narrowing artery and blocks it. The tissue that was nourished by that artery will now suffer from lack of oxygen.


Reading and blogging in between vomiting 90% of what over eaten yesterday- win/lose situation at best